Winsome Breweries Ltd. (WBL) is a company based in New Delhi, India and is engaged in the business of brewing and marketing beer in India. WBL, a public limited company, promoted by Shri R.K. Bagrodia, was set up in 1992 in technical collaboration with Henninger Brau of Germany, who are among the top five beer makers in Germany and one of the largest exporters in Germany to produce international quality beer in India. Henninger brands are exported to 60 countries around the world and are known for their excellent quality. Our brewery is located in the North Indian state of Rajasthan, about 70 km from New Delhi on a land area of approximately 19 acres.


Rajasthan is one of the largest markets for beer in India and has registered explosive growth in the past few years and is slated to grow at the same rate in the coming years. Our plant has installed capacity to manufacture about 4.0 million cases of beer per annum and the capacity can be doubled with minor additions of some equipments for which sufficient provision has been made. The brewery has specially designed state-of-art equipment, including imported equipments, which are critical in making a quality product.


Implicit in our Agreement with Henninger Brau is that the beer produced in our brewery has to strictly conform to German standards that are governed by centuries old German Purity Law which is considered to be the most stringent quality control law in the world. Our beer has been really well received by the people. It has been lauded for its quality and taste. The beer, produced by WBL, is of the same international quality as is produced in Germany or their breweries in the world. It is for the first time that beer of truly international purity, clarity and quality is available to the Indian consumers. It is not possible to attain truly international standards with the plant and equipment currently in use in the existing breweries in India.


The plant of WBL is situated in Village Sarehkhurd, Tehsil Tijara, District Alwar, Rajasthan with an installed capacity of 3,00,000 HL per annum with plans to double its capacity shortly. It has specially designed state-of-the-art equipment, which includes imported components that are critical in making a quality product. The entire plant in the brewery is made of stainless steel as against mild steel or aluminium equipment being used in some of existing breweries. This has a direct bearing on the quality and purity of beer.


Equipment installed in WBL has been fabricated strictly in accordance with the specifications and design details given by their German collaborators which in effect have conferred some unique features to their plant thus ensuring highest quality during the process. Strict temperature control and regulated flow rate is ensured at various stages of manufacture with the help of imported instruments that also provide the desired automation in the plant. Monitoring devices and testing equipments have been installed in checking the quality at each stage and apply necessary corrective measures where required.


The raw materials used in beer making namely water, barley malt and adjuncts like rice and sugar have been tested in Germany and found to be of the desired quality. It is ensured that only those raw materials that conform to the laid down quality parameters are used in the brewery and that too after these have been tested in the ‘in house’ laboratory. Hops, an essential raw material is in any case imported from Germany.